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Bridal Packages at PUREGRAY
Health Club and Spa

Whether you are looking for a complete package to help you look and feel your best in the final weeks before your wedding or a place to get together with a group of friends to celebrate ahead of your big day, PUREGRAY has the answer!

We have hand picked some of our favourite and most effective treatments that are just perfect for your wedding day preparations.

Our Holistic Preparation is a 4 week plan including personal training, body treatments and facials while The Cool Package is the perfect Bachelorette spa gathering. We have also hand selected our best treatments to help you get ready for your day in the form of our Bridal Gems Collection and have a some packages perfect for sharing under our Contemporary Classics collection.

You can view our Bridal Packages below, or download the PDF.

The Bridal Gems Collection

The Diamond
A symbol of purity and absolute truth
Diamond Lifting Facial
Illuminating Eye
Silky Hands and Feet
110 minutes – $395

The Emerald
A symbol of life, beauty and enduring love
Holistic Aromatherapy Massage
Diamond White Facial
Illuminating Eye
120 minutes – $375

The Ruby
A Symbol of royalty, power and passion
Refining Body Scrub
Soothing Full Body Massage
Oxygen Brightening Facial
150 minutes – $265

The Pearl
A symbol of truth, faith and love
Aromatic Citrus Body Scrub
Refreshing Vitamin-C Massage
Vitamin-C Repairing Facial
120 minutes – $200

The Holistic Preparation

Towards My D-Day
A one-month program for the bride-to-be, combining wellness and beauty. It helps the bride get ready for her D-Day looking glamorous and fit at the same time.
The package includes personal training sessions, body treatments and facials.

Package at $1,500 over four weeks ending with the Diamond Facial and a relaxing full body massage two days prior to the wedding day.

Week 4
Aromatic Citrus Body Scrub
Refreshing Vitamin C Massage
Vitamin C Repairing Facial
3 x Personal Training sessions – 60 minutes each

Week 3
Refining Body Scrub – 30 minutes
Deep Cleansing Facial – 90 minutes
3 x Personal Training sessions – 60 minutes each

Week 2
Exfoliating Body Scrub – 30 minutes
Personal Tailor-Made Facial – 60 minutes
3 x Personal Training sessions – 60 minutes each

Week 1
Diamond Lifting Facial – 90 minutes
Illuminating Eye
Relaxing Full Body Massage – 60 minutes
Bridal Hair Styling by Bechara Haddad Hair Salon

The Contemporary Classics

Beautiful Bride
A beauty session for the bride-to-be and her maid of honor before walking down the aisle.
Diamond Lifting Facial – 90 minutes
Personal Tailormade Facial for the Maid of Honor – 60 minutes
Package for two at $350

Handsome Groom
A relaxation and grooming session for the groom and his best man.
Revitalizing Body Massage – 60 minutes
Express Facial – 30 minutes
Package for two at $300

The Cool Plan

Bachelorette Spa Gathering
This is the time for the closest to get together and pamper her before the D-day.
Relaxing Full Body Massage
Express Facial
Access to Gym, Sauna & Relaxation Lounge
Chocolate fondue and Champagne
Package for six guests at $930