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The Corner is an exciting art space that will hold exhibitions, talks and workshops. It works closely with other galleries in Amman, in a collaboration to showcase their art and support their artists, as well as being a hub for both renowned independent artists and upcoming talents alike.

Located in the Valley at CAMPBELL GRAY LIVING, in Amman’s new downtown, Abdali, The Corner will be surrounded by shops, restaurants and exciting venues, making it a multi-faceted and exciting artistic venue.

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Upcoming at The Corner

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Reception and presentation by video artist and multimedia designer Vika Kova

March 9th, 2019

As a means to channel creativity for more than one audience, our space welcomed interior designers, CEOs and heads of marketing departments to a reception followed by a presentation by video and multimedia artist Vika Kova.

Flying from Amsterdam, Kova shared with the guests her latest video installations, along with a presentation on their impact on private sector establishments. The presentation, targeted towards brands and companies, was an interactive and dynamic one that invited its guests to move within Campbell Gray Living. Guests have walked through the award-winning mixed-use development as the first video installation was exhibited on the walls of our art space, while the second was projected onto the curtains inside an apartment and finally the third, which was projected onto the pool of Las Cabanas.

Our space has exhibited a different form of art/design during this marketing event; promoting Kova as a widely recognized pioneer of 3D video mapping. Kova presented to the guests  her state-of-the-art approach towards technology in terms of using it to project video art onto walls, ceilings, floors, pools, fountains, facades and furniture; creating exceptional atmospheres, experiences, as well as exquisite design objects.

Paper It, Group show of works on paper

Jan 26th – Feb 14th, 2019

14 rising artists have exhibited their works on our space walls, as the young art scene and art enthusiasts crowded in to see their black & white themed paper works.  The group show aimed at shedding light on local and regional artists who are talented enough yet still undiscovered; as our art space is not only limited to supporting and promoting international and established artists.

The group show has also celebrated the diversity of its artists; as each expressed their artistic individuality via their own techniques, approaches and concepts.

Our space has focused on highlighting the least complex medium, graphite and/or ink; to stress on the fact that art is not about the tool but what the artist can do with a tool, and that this is where creativity lies.

Our art space has also opened its doors to a diversified crowd, aiming at breaking any stigma linked with the typical “white cube”; as what our space offers extends beyond the typical function of a gallery.

Utopian Reality, Muhammed Lubbad


December 19th, 2018 – Jan 24th, 2019

Envisioning earth’s diversified beauty, Muhammed Lubbad presented the local art scene with a solo show at our art space, as our doors opened for a cocktail reception on December 19th.

Made with scissors, ‘Utopian Reality’ was an attempt to capture a tangible manifestation for Utopia on earth, which as the Gazan artist puts it, would be the human existence.

Never showcased in Jordan before, Lubbad’s works have still yielded a feeling of affinity, as they spoke to a universal experience; one that transcends borders.  

With the intention of manifesting the essence of diversity of life, Lubbad used collage – a technique with a nature of cutting, destructing and re-exploiting bits and pieces of paper/magazine cut-outs; reflecting the constructive and deconstructive nature of beauty.

As a means to provide space for the spectators to contemplate his work, Lubbad made sure the viewers were capable of using their imagination to recognize subject matter, which can be vaguely identified unless observed from a distance. A technique known as ‘Optical color mixing’, where the work appears to be a hodgepodge of dots; which allows the viewers to optically mix them as they walk away from the work. Such an approach kept the audience gazing within a loop, going back and forth, re-examining the work and trying to visualize all supposed possibilities.

Lubbad also focused on producing a mosaic-like texture, which has ironically put the viewers on an agitated moment of ease. Simultaneously, his use of colors paved the way for the works to stand out with an unorthodox visual anarchy. With a non-naturalistic color palette, Lubbad aimed to create an experience for color as an emotional response for interpretations of everyday reality.


Pop Art & Collage Exhibition

November 2nd – December 10th, 2018

From Recycled objects to digital art, The Corner Art space hosted 11 young and upcoming artists; attracting the youth with its colorful vibes. With a goal of supporting and promoting upcoming artists, we dedicated our space to give them the chance to highlight their work and present it to the public. Our space had also focused on establishing further solid relations with other galleries within the Jordanian art scene. We recognize that harmonizing relations is far more effective than competition when it comes to projecting the Jordanian art scene forward. Our collaborators included top galleries in Amman such as Wadi Finan, Jacaranda as well as the online art gallery Artmejo.


Opening Exhibition
Sep 14th – Oct 31st, 2018

#reds&blacks presents works by 16 renowned artists from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Armenia, Kurdistan, Spain, Turkey, and the Philippines, all in red and black.

Each artist expresses red and black in their own style and on their own terms, showcasing that the interpretation of love, war, beauty, death, culture, form, and politics is never one and the same.

Just like the contrast of the two colors is intense vs neutral, passion and desire vs death and fear, and romance vs aggression, the artworks are contrasting in their power, style, and artistic philosophy.

Mohammad Al Shammarey | Delair Shaker | Dia Azzawi | Salustiano | Sarp Yavuz | Elmer Dumlao | Islam | Jehad Al Ameri | Bashar AlHroub | Himat | Rania Kamal | Nawal Abdallah | Omar Bilbeisi | Hind Nasser | Antoni Tapies | Annie Kurkidjian | Mohammad Doheidel | Rasmi Al Khafaji.


About The Corner Team

CAMPBELL GRAY HOTELS collect original art for all their properties, and CAMPBELL GRAY LIVING is no exception

-and I am thrilled to be curating The Corner because we share a passion for creativity.

We want amateurs and buyers alike to come and enjoy a good cup of coffee and some great art!

- Dina Dabbas Rifai

Dina Dabbas Rifai
Gallery Director & Chief Curator / Art Travel Blogger, @theartinerary

Mona Al Saleh
Gallery Manager

Yasmeen Kanaan
Gallery and Curatorial Coordinator

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